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         I am LaDena Bolton, affectionately known as ‘Dr. B’ and I am excited to share that with the right leadership, the perceived freeze on economic development will be lifted, no longer will we allow the Investor Invasion to fuel the housing crisis and we are entering a season where inspiring hope will discourage crime. Our greatest concerns cannot be met with a trickle-down effect, but with a power up approach. And that power starts with you… the people. We are responsible for the health of our communities and are empowered to protect them.

You see, within months of earning my BS in 2006, I became a wife, young mother and homeowner… then suddenly underemployed, victimized, and nearly homeless. Like many families, we became collateral damage during the economic crisis because our community was not developed enough to support our ambition. As one of the oldest counties in Georgia, DeKalb should be leading in innovation and technology, not lagging. In my global experience protecting US interests and local service helping DeKalb families, I learned that our most significant concern is ECONOMIC EFFICIENCY. Using strategies including ACCESSIBILITY, ACCOUNTABILITY, and SUSTAINABILITY,  we can equip DeKalb to facilitate legacies of limitless possibilities.

Bolton For DeKalb Super 7 Commissioner

My track record proves that we can Discover Better with Bolton. Since 2020, I have partnered with organizations, churches and community leaders to support over 16,000 families with food distribution, BOMBAS socks for laborers, children and seniors, as well as other deficient resources in our communities. As VP of the Young Democrat Benefit Corporation, I helped facilitate system changes and contingency strategies that identified, eliminated and prevented misuse of resources in the organization. I am a champion for fair elections, serving as a Poll Manager and Leader in the DeKalb County Democratic Committee, but I have also recruited nearly 200 campaign volunteers and poll workers.  As an Analytical (Forensic) Chemist, I traveled to Africa, Asia and Europe, to support national security, energy sustainability and health disparities research.

I am asking you to believe… not just in my ability to bring about change, but strongly in yours; Your power resonates at the polls. With people like you powering this campaign, we can energize a multi-generational community of changemakers.

I would be honored if you elect me, LaDena ‘Dr. B’ Bolton, for Super District 7 Commissioner in DeKalb County.

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