I am DeKalb County... 

Nurtured. Educated. Committed.




     Now is the time to elect a candidate, like LaDena Bolton, that understands our district, will speak on behalf of our district and will empower District 86 to restore our vision in the right direction. Since adolescence, Dr. LaDena Bolton has maintained her commitment to serving DeKalb County through unrelenting...

     My motivation is framed by my family's experiences overcoming homelessness, unemployment and lack of healthcare. I know what it is like to feel hopeless while witnessing the economic decline in the community I had grown to depend on.


      In recent years, communities across Georgia, including our House District 86, have also struggled with issues surrounding education, justice and community reform among others. Having been raised in DeKalb and currently raising my children here, I yearn for a representative who empathizes with our stories and knows how to advocate on our behalf. We deserve relentless leadership that is unafraid to disrupt the status quo.


      In my position as a Forensic Chemist, I work relentlessly for our country and I will apply that same relentless determination for you. Over the course of my career, I have developed and contributed to initiatives that address our most pronounced state and federal issues. Trust me with your vote and I will bring this fresh perspective to the Georgia State Capitol as your Representative for House District 86.

Dear Community,


My name is LaDena A. Bolton and I need your support to help restore education, justice and community in DeKalb County and across the state of Georgia. Like some of you, I was nurtured and educated in DeKalb County, and I am committed to advocating for progressive legislation on behalf of DeKalb County residents. My family has invested in our local community for over 20 years, and...

"I am committed to advocating for progressive legislation on behalf of DeKalb County residents.

It is time for a fresh perspective that will put the people of our community first."

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LaDena Bolton for GA House District 86