Vice President

Restoring F.A.I.T.H.

(Fostering Accountability, Integrity, Trust, Humility)

POWER 108.9 interview
Voter Education
Delivering Meals with Food4Life
1st ever Absentee Ballot Drive
Serving with Sen. Jon Ossoff
NAACP PAC Get Out The Vote Initiative
STEMulation Labs
Journey through Justice Program
MLK Parade hosted by NAACP DeKalb
Celebrating with Tax Commissioner Irving Johnson
Celebrating with NAACP DeKalb President Teresa Hardy
Celebrating with Sheriff Melody Maddox
Serving with DeKalb Dems 1st VP Karen Mixon
Serving with Rep. Steve Henson
Serving with Rep. Becky Evans
Serving with Rep. Donna McCleod
Packing One Million Meals
Packed One Million Meals
Packed One Million Meals


     Now is the time to elect a candidate, like LaDena Bolton, that understands our needs, will speak on behalf of our residents and will empower DeKalbYD to restore our vision in the right direction. Since adolescence, Dr. LaDena Bolton has maintained her commitment to serving DeKalb County through unrelenting...



     My motivation is framed by my family's legacy of service in the military, education and our community. Needless to say, I was honored to continue this legacy by serving as DeKalbYD's Community Engagement and Events Chair in 2020 and currently serving as Chief of Staff and Interim Vice President. Proudly, I led and helped implement historical initiatives including the first of its kind Absentee Ballot Drive,  worked to make ages 18-35 the largest group of GA registrants in 2020 and helped increase voter turnout by 22% for this group. In addition, I was apart of the Taskforce that identified and eliminated malfeasance within the organizations leadership. Like you, I refuse to allow one individual's poor judgement to blemish the organization's track record of accomplishments. We deserve relentless leadership that is unafraid to disrupt the status quo. With your vote, I will continue to work toward restoring F.A.I.T.H. in DeKalb Young Dems Leadership. I would be honored to receive your vote at the general meeting on May 19 at 7pm.


Vice President



Dear Community,


My name is LaDena A. Bolton and I need your support to help restore education, justice and community in DeKalb County. Like some of you, I was nurtured and educated in DeKalb County, and I am committed to advocating for progressive legislation on behalf of DeKalb County residents. My family has invested in our local community for over 20 years, and...

"I am committed to advocating for progressive legislation on behalf of DeKalb County residents.

It is time for a fresh perspective that will put the people of our community first."