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Making Politics Look Dem Good
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Dr. LaDena Bolton has served as a leader in the DeKalb County Democratic Committee for the past 4 years inspiring hope, educating communities and driving innovation. Her commitment to accessibility, accountability and sustainability are key factors that helped her revive House District 85, rebuild the young Democrats' organization, increase voter turnout, elect progressive candidates and more. Don't just take our word for it, check out some of Dr. B's initiatives below.


Reviving Engagement in DeKalb Dems HD 85 | 2023-current:

Since 2023, Dr. Bolton has been actively involved in reviving engagement within the DeKalb County Democratic Party's House District 85. Their efforts include implementing a district-specific newsletter, initiating strategic planning meetings with diverse cultural communities, and recruiting Post Seat Holders and Block Captains.


Team Lead in Coordinated Campaign to Elect Abrams | 2022:

Dr. Bolton played a pivotal role in leading a team of DeKalb Dems, in coordination with the Abrams campaign, to support Stacey Abrams' bid for Georgia Governor in 2022. Their contributions were instrumental in securing a substantial gain for Abrams, resulting in her winning the county by a margin of 63%.


Vice President of Georgia DeKalb Young Dems Benefit Corp. | 2021:

Dr. Bolton served as the Vice President of the Georgia DeKalb Young Democrat Benefit Corporation in 2021. She played a key role in advancing the organization's mission to empower and engage young Democrats in Georgia's DeKalb County; Leading to the election of the youngest VP in the organization's history.


Countywide Absentee Ballot Drive with DeKalb Young Dems | 2020:

In 2020, Dr. Bolton collaborated with the DeKalb Young Democrats to launch the first countywide in-person absentee ballot drive. This initiative aimed to increase voter turnout, particularly among young voters aged 18-25, and resulted in a significant 68% increase in their participation, making them the fastest-growing voter population in Georgia.


State Delegate at GA Dem Party Convention | 2022:

Dr. Bolton served as a State Delegate at the Georgia Democratic Party Convention in 2022, representing the DeKalb County Democratic Committee and contributing to the party's decision-making processes.

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DeKalb County Dem Comittee leadership roles:

  • HD 86 Post Seat Holder | 2020-2022: Dr. Bolton served as a House District 86 Post Seat Holder, helping to double voter turnout in the 2020 Dem primary election.

  • Affirmative Action Co-chair | 2021-current: Since 2021, Dr. Bolton has served as Co-chair, working to promote diversity, inclusion, and equitable representation within the DeKalb Dem organization and elected leadership.

  • HD 85 Chair & Post Seat Holder | 2022-current: Dr. Bolton currently holds the position of Chair and Post Seat Holder, providing leadership and strengthening the Democratic Party's presence within the district.

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AMPLIFY ACTION GOTV Campaign for Biden-Harris | 2020:

In 2020, Dr. Bolton played a crucial role in recruiting and leading a team for the AMPLIFY ACTION Get Out the Vote (GOTV) campaign. Their efforts were focused on mobilizing voters and ensuring a successful election for President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.

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Co-Hosted Lt. Governor Candidate Forum | 2022:

In 2022, Dr. Bolton co-hosted the Democratic primary candidate forum on behalf of the DeKalb County Democratic Committee, providing a platform for Lieutenant Governor candidates to engage with the community and share their platforms.


Eliminated Malfeasance in DeKalb Young Dems Org | 2021:

In 2021, Dr. Bolton took decisive action to address malfeasance within the DeKalb Young Democrats organization. She lead efforts to implement financial checks and balances, initiated incorporation for statewide oversight, and ensured adherence to protocols for impeachment, fostering transparency and accountability.


Women for Warnock Advisory Council | 2020-2021:

Dr. Bolton served as a member of the Women for Warnock Advisory Council. They provided insight to support the Warnock campaign's strategy to reach women voters by advocating for women's rights policies and civil rights issues of concern to women organizers. 

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