Dear Community,


My name is LaDena A. Bolton and I need your support to help restore education, justice and community in DeKalb County and across the state of Georgia. Like some of you, I was nurtured and educated in DeKalb County, and I am committed to advocating for progressive legislation on behalf of DeKalb County residents. My family has invested in our local community for over 25 years, and I would be honored to continue that legacy by serving as your State Representative for House District 86 at Georgia's Capitol.


When I was nine years old, my parents moved our family to DeKalb County shortly after my dad completed his military career in the Marine Corp. At that time, my parents did not have a college education so they relied on faith, hard work, and a fresh start to support their growing family of five. 


Growing up in DeKalb County, I learned the value of hard work as my mom and dad taught me to strive for excellence in all areas of my life and not to fear the responsibility of it. My parents could not afford to pay for my college education. So, I worked hard to earn the Georgia Lottery funded HOPE Scholarship, which is awarded to students with outstanding academic excellence. After graduating from Avondale High School in DeKalb, I was honored to matriculate to Savannah State University, which became the spring that propelled me to receive a fellowship to earn my Ph.D. at Clark Atlanta University. State programs, such as HOPE, have been instrumental in the academic success of students across Georgia. As your next representative of Georgia's 86th district, in DeKalb County, I will fight to expand programs that fund College and Career readiness for our students.

Shortly after graduating from college, my husband, Dr. Clement J. Bolton II and I returned to DeKalb County to serve our community and raise our three sons. My husband was driven to become a K-12 science educator and used his platform to encourage more underrepresented students to enter STEM career pipelines. I rode the path to community service by volunteering on the Board of Directors for several DeKalb County nonprofit organizations that sought to improve the lives of our neighbors. Over the years, I have seen both mismanagement of and transparency in our government. Ultimately, we are responsible for the health of our community and are empowered to protect it. I have a track record for advocating for DeKalb and I will bring this ambition to the capital as I advocate for you. 


I was nurtured by my family, challenged by my teachers, and supported by my community to achieve goals beyond my wildest dreams. As a Forensic Chemist, I have traveled around the world using science to solve crimes and to protect the U.S. and U.S. interests. With the establishment of some outlandish changes in Georgia policies and preservation of outdated regulations, challenges are inhibiting our families from relying on the support that I was privileged to receive. Because of you, I am a proud wife, mother, community advocate and chemist. If you seek a new vision to restore our community and believe we can accomplish this by protecting our families, then choose to elect LaDena Bolton to represent House District 86 in our DeKalb County. 




DeKalb County Nurtured. DeKalb County Educated. DeKalb County Committed.

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LaDena Bolton for GA House District 86