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Dr. LaDena Bolton, affectionately known as 'Dr. B', is the wife of a DeKalb educator, mother of 3 school-aged boys, an award-winning chemist, and a lifetime public servant. LaDena and her siblings were raised in DeKalb County on the values of their Christian military family.

She quickly became a newlywed and young mother within months of earning her BS in chemistry from Savannah State University. Unable to secure adequate employment, she struggled to help support her family on a telemarketer's wage, nearly losing their home. To brighten her family's future, she enrolled at Clark Atlanta University, where she was the first in her family to earn a PhD.

Dr. Bolton has traveled to Africa, Asia, and Europe as an Analytical Forensic Chemist to support national security, energy sustainability, and health disparities research. She believes that we are responsible for the health of our communities and are empowered to protect them.

Consequently, Dr. B has served as the Vice President of the DeKalb Young Democrats Benefit Corporation, and more recently, as the Chair of House District 85 in the DeKalb County Democratic Committee. She and her husband, Dr. Clement J. Bolton Il, are the co-founders of Bolton Legacy; a scholarship and community advocacy program that supports college or technical school-bound students interested in restoring and sustaining underserved communities. In our fight for fair elections, LaDena serves as a DeKalb County Poll Manager and recruited over 50 fair election champions as Poll Workers.

Dr. Bolton is running to serve as our next County Commissioner because she understands our frustrations with increased crime, lagging economic development, and investors invading our communities. She is a leader with the foresight to inspire, mobilize and influence change in our community.

"I work to strengthen our community's foundation so we can build our own legacies outward and upward. The sky is the limit and there is plenty of room at the top for all of us.




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